Prostate Debris Sequence

This page shows the prostate debris sequence that resulted from the emptying of one swollen prostate acinus, using Alternative Prostate Treatment that contributed to my enlarged prostate.

While not all baths produce prostate debris, the photo shows the prostate debris sequence of one particular bath. The prostate debris was passed during the first 6 minutes (I made it a point to check the bath water once a minute). As soon as the swollen prostate acinus was emptied, I believe the healing process began in that part of my prostate.

Debris sequence of prostate drainage using Alternative Prostate Treatment.

The first piece of prostate debris was the black one, then the largest brown piece, then a series of smaller ones and finally a "spray" of very fine particles. They were floating in the bath water, in a line, in that order.

I could visualize the black piece being the plug in the prostate "pipe" ( acinus ), acting as a cork. When it was released the remaining prostate debris (which were probably under a slight pressure) came spurting out of the prostate acinus (small pipe) much like champagne from a bottle after the cork is removed.

The graphic below shows what can happen when a plug is removed from a swollen prostate acinus and the herbal ingredients are able to get at the rest of the pipe. Note the teardrop shape of the large mass of prostate debris. Obviously it came out of a pipe ( prostate acinus ) that was very swollen.

A photo of a large piece of debris from prostate drainage.

It wouldn't take many of these to make a prostate swell dramatically and produce the condition known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, also known as BPH or enlarged prostate.

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