Prostate Debris Draining Sequence

The prostate debris draining sequence, from using Alternative Prostate Treatment, is displayed here in a graphic.

This graphic shows the contents of one acinus in my prostate that emptied on the 56th day of drainage. The plug was passed first. It was a very hard piece of debris. After the plug came a brownish, pulpy discharge that I was unable to recover, because it sank into the Q-tip. Next was the "hairy" piece and following that the more common pieces of debris.

Prostate debris sequence from prostate drainage.

Regardless of the nature of the debris, there was never any discomfort experienced with the passage of the debris. This method of prostate detoxification is amazingly easy to do. There were many times I looked at the debris in the Sitz bath and felt a sense of wonderment that I could pass such debris so effortlessly.

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