Prostate Infection

Prostatitis is the term used to describe an infection of the prostate. An infection of the prostate can cause many problems for a man because the infecting agent, bacteria, can be lodged in behind a blocked prostate. Treating the infection with antibiotics may appear to work temporarily but all the hidden bacteria may not be eradicated. As a result the infection can flare up from time to time.

It is necessary to drain the prostate, to clear the blockages and expose the bacteria so that the infection can be dealt with by the immune system and eliminated from the body.

These samples contains what appears to be pus, obtained by using Alternative Prostate Treatment on an infected prostate. This pus is a result of prostatitis. White blood cells are what the immune system uses to fight infection and pus is mostly the remains of dead white blood cells.

Pus from an infected prostate.

Prostate drainage debris will include pus if the prostate is infected.


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