Message to Women

This is a message to women because many women are interested in learning about prostate problems. Those prostate problems affect a woman as well as her partner.

If you are a woman then you are likely here because you are concerned about your partner. There are some interesting statistics you should be aware of, if you want to share the coming years with your man.

In 2002, one man in North America died every 15 minutes from prostate cancer.
At least 1 man in North America will die from prostate cancer while you are reading this site's information.
Some very respected medical professionals say a man who lives long enough will develop prostate cancer.

Twenty minutes of doing the Sitz baths is not an unreasonable amount of time
for a man to spend each day in order to detoxify his prostate.

After all, the benefits will be threefold; a remarkable improvement in urination,
increased sensitivity in the genital area and a man who smiles a lot.

It is not painful despite the appearance of some of the debris that I passed.
On the contrary, it is very relaxing for the mind, body, and soul.
And a relaxed man will be a much better companion for you!

Encourage your man to discuss the issue and help him to regain his health and vigor as he gets well.