Erection Nerves (Cavernous Nerves)

The erection nerves carry the signals that enable an erection to occur. When the prostate swells, the erection nerves become stretched and the signals through those erection nerves get weaker. Note that the signals are present. They are being sent out from the brain. However, the signals have to pass through a poor conductor, the stretched erection nerves. The result is a weak erections or no erection.

When the prostate is swollen there is a constant strain on those erection nerves. It stands to reason that when the prostate swelling is eliminated the strain on those erection nerves is relieved and the nerves restored to normal function.

Alternative Prostate Treatment is a natural and gentle method of prostate drainage that can relieve prostate cancer symptoms, prostatitis symptoms and BPH symptoms. Prostate drainage detoxifies the prostate so that the healing process may begin and the prostate restored to normal function.

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This graphic shows the male genital anatomy along with the erection nerves

It appears to me, guys, that our notion of manhood is very much affected by these fragile erection nerves that are, in turn, affected by a swollen prostate. When these erection nerves are affected your "want to" can be very high AND your "can do" very low.

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